Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's about time...

So here I am with my own blog -- finally! A little late to the game, I know, but I really don't need ONE more reason to keep me online. My boyfriend already says he sees my back more than my face! But lord knows I've got a lot to say -- just ask my friends and family! The title of my blog fits me because I love wine and clubbing (I'm also in several wine clubs, including one with friends where we blind taste once a month or so -- you can read about some of those meetings here at the blog of my friend Jessica, who is making quite a name for herself in the wine world).

Right now I'm drinking Domaine Des Tours '04 Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, a red Rhone blend, which was recommended by one of the excellent staff in my neighborhood wine shop Farmstead (danger, danger, Will Robinson -- it's TOO close!). I'm a Rhone girl through and through (Mouvedre, Carignane, Grenache are the words to say to get me hot) but usually prefer Spanish or New World blends. The nose is very earthy, rustic, and a tad barnyardy -- smells like promising stuff to me! The flavor isn't quite as robust as I like (or the nose would suggest), but I do get some pepper, which to me is always a good thing. I think it needs to open up a bit -- hmmm, which chipped decanter should I use (yes, I'm a klutz). At $16.50 it didn't break the bank (but what did was stocking up on all those great $10 Spanish deals -- oh and the$27 Verve '05 Sonoma Coast Pinot -- to DIE for if you can get your hands on any of the few bottles left).

So after I have some wine (and perhaps a nap), I'm off to [Kontrol], a monthly tech-house/minimal house party that, shamefully, I have never gone to, even though I've heard the resident djs at other events. It's held the first Saturdays of the month at the End Up, a notorious/infamous/legendary San Francisco club. Probably most well known for its Sunday morning t-Dance, for which I think the majority of the crowd used to be gay, but it now has diversified to host cracked-out citizens of all creeds, colors & persuasions. Gotta love SF, no? The club -- which is beautiful BTW, not seedy like I had expected it to be the first time I went, and even boasts a large, kick-ass patio area -- is also known for getting a nod in the 2000 rave-culture film "Groove," which captured the innocence and feel-good nature of raving (ironically just at the time when many would say the "bubble" burst and the scene became too commercial and overrun by drug dealers and spun-out kiddies, but hey, it's the year I got into it so it's all relative). It's not seen, just mentioned -- as the place the rockstar, die-hard party kids are heading to after the underground party is done.

Hmm, the wine does seem to have improved. Ciao!