Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi-End Luxe

My b/f Brian recently marked his last day of work as a paralegal at his law firm, as he left to start law school (his first day was today). Working among others in the law professions who have a taste for wine (argh, let's not even talk about our 4+ bottle evening last week with one of the associates from his firm at Cesar -- where the son of yet another colleague works), he scored big time with his going-away gifts. His paralegal colleague gave him a bottle of 1999 Dom Perignon, while the firm as a group gifted him with the 2004 Robert Mondavi Winery Reserve Cab. Both are bottles worth $100+, leading me to suggest that now that he lacks any income maybe he should sell them on eBay!

But no dice. Tonight we're enjoying the Dom, which is much more toasty, creamy and complex than any other Champagne or sparkling wine I've had. I tried to convince Brian to wait to open it until we made the perfect meal to go with it, but he'd waited long enough in his book and was considering taking it boating up north (home to Mt. Shasta ) during the upcoming Labor Day weekend, so I guess tonight with a hodge-podge Mexican-themed meal was better than trying to drink it warmed by hot weather in plastic cups!

So we're celebrating the start of his stint at USF's law school and my new tasting room job at JC Cellars (just working a couple days a month), home of rich Syrahs, complex Zins, and interesting Rhone white varietals. Despite not making a proper meal to enjoy the wine, I think I'm going to go try out a white nectarine with it for dessert!

We're holding on to that Cab much longer, though.