Monday, November 17, 2008

Rosé 'n Techno

I know I've been neglecting the techno aspect of this blog, so since I'm inspired to actually post twice in one day(!), I thought I'd share the first of what will be a series of techno-and-wine pairings.

We've been experiencing a lovely Indian Summer in the Bay Area lately, and as I was sitting outside reading the paper in the warm fall sun today I was listening to a fabulous mellow techno set from Reference, which you can find (and download) here.

If it hadn't have been the middle of the day with more work to do, I would have been sippin' on a lovely, fruit-laden rosé, like one of JC Cellars' 100% Syrah offerings (on sale for $7 -- yes $7! -- and perfect for Thanksgiving dinner) or Incognito's Pink; both of which Brian and I enjoyed this weekend given the record-breaking warm weather. Sun, easy-to-enjoy wine, and well-programmed, rich beats -- what more is there to ask for!


B said...

Do you ever NOT enjoy the wine?

Dr. Brown said...

Wow! I love your blog, just subscribed now. I am a fellow techno/wine lover, though your wine expertise blows mine out of the water. However, I want to learn more about wine and your blog is a good place to start.