Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A crisp, clean white gem (a snowflake for Dec.)

Just in time for the cold snap that has taken a hold of the Bay Area I have discovered an awesome crisp, refreshing white wine -- yes, I'm quite unseasonable. On a recent late-night, spur-of-the-moment walk with some friends, a bundled-up B & I moseyed into our local wine bar and, as they were out of Spinyback Sauv Blanc that we had tried there a week before, the owner recommended Der Pollerhof Gruner Veltliner. At $12 for a 1-liter bottle (with a handy pull tab to remove the foil, I might add), it was a steal -- and a unanimous winner in the tastebuds department.

With citrus & melon notes, the medium-high acidity and sweetness enticed our tongues and pepped us up for the walk back to the house. It had a slight effervescent quality and a hint of petrol like a good Riesling as well as a floral finish that lingered to tempt one into having another glass. I need to buy a case of this wine -- enough to last until spring and the return of Sunset and Dirtybird parties. This wine would be a perfect picnic quaffer, for the days out in the park groovin' to deep house and wonky tech-house jams.

But on this cold night, we had it with chimichurri salmon and white acorn squash roasted with garlic, thyme, oregano, and Italian parsley. Its light texture went well with the complex but not overdone flavors of the salmon & squash. A Pinot probably would have been even better, but, hey, I'm in denial that it's December...


B said...

Ze Germans say "Yah! Was very goot!"